Strategic partners

V-MARKETS FX has made a strategic alliance with SWISSQUOTE BANK, one of the most internationally respected companies in FOREX platforms. We have chosen this broker for its technological support, which allows real time technical and fundamental analysis, because this is vital in all stock operations and its transaction operations which, according to the broker’s customers, has succeeded in the transfer of its dividends.

About the Swissquote Bank

The Swissquote Bank company is a broker with an impeccable reputation that has been working since 1996 achieving great success. We know that the operators and investors chose Swissquote, since it is a running company that does not focus only on profits, despite its success.

Over the years that the company has been working, Swissquote’s customer base has gone up to half a million people around the world.

Swissquote Bank guarantees to all its clients the security of their personal information and, in addition, provides security during the conduct of commercial transactions.

The company is considered to be Switzerland’s largest online financial services firm. Globally, it is a leader in online foreign exchange broker services, serving more than 200,000 customers worldwide. Swissquote is a publicly traded entity with a capitalization of more than CHF 500 million and an asset custody of approximately CHF 10 billion.

The Swissquote Group is located in Geneva (Gland), Switzerland, and has subsidiaries in Zurich, Bern, Dubai, Malta, London and Hong Kong, and a staff of 519 people.

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