Investment conditions

Broker Partner: Swissquote Bank

Minimum investment amount: $ 5000

Minimum investment period: 6 months


30% – with investments of less than 10000 USD

20% – for investments exceeding 20000 USD

*applies only when the investor profits


Fund Access:

Rollover frequency: approximately once a week (when the investor makes a profit)

Profit withdrawal:

Is it easy to trade on your own on Forex?

The high odds of getting high incomes (compared to traditional trades) have made Forex gain a huge popularity among investors.

But unfortunately not everyone can successfully diagnose the market’s swings and that is why many beginner traders, instead of profiting, end up losing their capital.

Data state that, in Forex market, only 3% – 5% of traders can stably profit.

One of the difficulties that beginning traders, as well as those with more experience, must face is related to the psychological aspect. One of the most common traps happens when traders set up profitable operations as quickly as possible (closing their operations with only a few pips), while leaving losing trades open in the expectation that the price will be corrected, and these positions are then closed when there is no hope of recovering losses, which results in a loss of initial capital.

So, instead of operating Forex on their own (before gaining some experience), many people delegate the management of their investments to a more experienced trader.

Therefore, when you do not have experience it is not easy to “stay alive” in this market, let alone have stable entrances.

What details should be taken into consideration before investing?

Before investing in our fund, consider the following aspects:

Past earnings do not assure future profits. In Forex there is no certain guarantee of a specific number of profits. However, this market still offers the best earning opportunities.

Invest only your free capital (in other words, use only the money that will not hurt in your pocket and will not affect your family in the event of a loss).

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