Risk waring

Trading in the Forex Market can be an extremely lucrative activity, however, the risk of loss can be equal to the profit potential.
Risk warning

In V-MARKETS FX we want to make it clear that trading in the Forex Market implies a high risk of loss and is not convenient or advisable for everyone.
Investors may lose part or all of the funds invested. An adverse movement in the price or other factors can cause such losses. The use of leverage can increase the risk of loss substantially.
Only the acceptance of the risk of loss allows the opportunity to gain to arise. So, please, use only funds that you are willing to lose, and before deciding to trade in this Market with V-MARKETS FX carefully consider if your financial situation is adequate.

Since, effectively, operating in the Foreign Exchange Market may result in the loss of significant sums of money, you must only operate with “risk capital”. Venture capital are funds that are not necessary for the survival or well-being of the person.

If you are thinking about trading in the Forex Market, read carefully the matters dealt with on this website, so that you can clearly understand the risks inherent in foreign currency transactions.

The opinions and analyzes contained in this site about potential movements expected in the Foreign Exchange Market are not necessarily accurate or updated, and due to the public nature of the internet, V-MARKETS FX can not guarantee the accuracy of such information.

Operating online, however efficient or convenient it may be, does not necessarily reduce the risks associated with foreign currency transactions and V-MARKETS FX accepts no responsibility for anyone acting according to the information displayed on this website, nor regarding the accuracy or delay of such information, such as quotes, news and / or graphics derived from said quotes.

Lastly, V-MARKETS FX is not liable for any actual loss or opportunity cost due to interruptions in internet transmissions or, in general, any technical problems related to the trading software. The Line is available to our customers from Sunday night until Friday afternoon, 24 hours a day, as an alternative method of communication in case the client suffers a problem with its operations platform.

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